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Microsoft Dynamics AX (D365 F&O) Lead Developer
Miami, FL

“Company brought me on to train their internal developers up on Dynamics AX development. I had them work by my side so not only were they getting training, they were getting their outstanding development projects completed while training was happening. After 6 months 4 internal jr. developers were set up to take on any task. They use me from time to time on very complex problems but for the most part they doing all the work internally.”

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Microsoft Dynamics AX (D365 F&O) Lead Functional Consultant (Finance & Project Accounting)
Salt Lake City, UT

“Worked with a major Oil & Gas company to help them migrate from AX 2009 to D365 F&O. Instead of focusing on over-customizing the solution he helped this company redefine their internal processes and helped to keep customization at the minimum. He trained their internal staff so that they can support the system after his departure internally instead of relying on him or their Partner”

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Microsoft Dynamics AX (D365 F&O) Solutions Architect – Lead Functional Consultant
Seattle, WA

“Was brought onto a large global rollout of a furniture manufacturer. The company was struggling and was told their go-live of D365 F&O would be pushed back 6 months. After being involved for a short time I was able to identify many things that if changed the original go-live could be met. We implemented these changes and they went live 2 weeks earlier than originally scheduled and was able to do it with 3 less consultants, which I took over for.”

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Microsoft Dynamics AX (D365 F&O) Solutions and Technical Architect
Montreal, Canada

“Company had no AX resources and wanted to go live with D365 F&O.  I was one of the first to ever migrate from AX 2012 to D365 F&O.  Wanted to build a team and manage AX internally.  I came in, scoped the project, and helped them hire resources that would manage the project after my departure.  We successfully went live in 9 months and they have an internal team that allowed them not to rely on their partner for ongoing support.”

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Microsoft Dynamics AX (D365 F&O) Techno-Functional Consultant Azure, Power BI
Dallas TX

“Set up Azure BI against the GL data within days and now the company is doing all the financial statements right in excel. Two hour refresh was brought down to 10 minutes. Refresh the whole excel spreadsheet in seconds. Migration to Azure BI in 1 day- sets up everything you need for ELT / ETL, SQL DW, and Azure services for data analytics including PowerBI. ”

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Microsoft D365 Supply Chain Management (Dynamics AX) Solutions Architect
Boston, MA

“We wouldn't have been able to go live with D365 F&O without him (after several top Microsoft partners failed with all their consultants). He Managed the smoothest go-live ever in any of our countries”

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Microsoft Dynamics AX (D365 F&O) Technical Architect
Flagstaff, Arizona

“A global management and design consulting firm based in Silicon Valley was implementing Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations primarily for project and global accounting.  This organization enjoyed using best of breed software tools but also was willing to implement technology from startup firms in which they held equity.  The challenge I faced was to integrate D365F&O with several external systems including a few untested brands.  Leveraging D365F&O’s out of the box RESTful web and ODATA data services, I worked closely with the client to implement an integration framework that processed over 10,000 records every four hours.”

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Microsoft Dynamics AX System Administrator (D365 F&O)/12R2 & R3/2009/AX 4.0 & Database Architect
Harrisburg, PA

“I have done performance tuning for most of my clients after go-live. Performance issues in a complex system like Dynamics AX are not always easy to identify. From time to time, companies might notice that system is not performing exactly like it was on the day they it went live. For example, one of my clients were running an invoice job the first day after go-live and it was running for nearly 45 minutes for only two sales orders. They asked me to take a look and I did performance tuning for the invoice process and it started running in 7 seconds.  There are many factors that impact the performance of ERP, such as the number of users in the system, how many processes are running, server and hardware configuration or network connectivity.”

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