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We are a niche staffing and recruiting company specializing in Microsoft Dynamics Technologies, and we staff Dynamics projects of all sizes. Looking for a small specific training session? No problem. Need a full Microsoft Dynamics implementation or upgrade? We will connect you to the top talent you need.

Each of our Microsoft Dynamics contractors are experts in their field, and we match them to your business’s unique needs. Other recruitment firms are staffed with consultants with a wide range of experience, and you may be paying for an expert but having your position filled with “whoever is available.” When you choose to work with Elite Search Professionals, you can trust that you’re filling your position with the best of the best. Learn more about our Microsoft Dynamics services and contact us today to get started. 

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Find Up-to-Date Solutions

Experiencing Microsoft Dynamics problems? We’ve got answers. We’ll identify your needs and implement Microsoft business solutions. 

Customize Your Processes

Add industry-specific functions and capabilities to your current Microsoft Dynamics system.

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Access Thousands of Microsoft Dynamics Professionals

We are continually adding to our pool of available consultants and contractors through our proprietary marketing processes.

Assistance With Cloud Migration

We can help you migrate to the cloud — and save money in the long run.

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Bring on an Elite Contractor while you look for the right permanent resource

As Microsoft makes the push to get all of their clients onto the new cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics Platform, D365 F&O, and D365 CE, many businesses are facing a major resource gap. You need tech contractors who can accurately and efficiently implement this new version so that your company can make a seamless transition. Don’t lose business because you don’t have the expertise you need in-house for full Microsoft Dynamics implementation. Hire an Elite Professional Microsoft Dynamics consultant to do the job for you. If you do end up wanting to hire for a permanent position down the road, we can connect you with top Microsoft Dynamics talent. Don’t wait, get started today.

In my industry I have a lot of turnover – that’s why I continually depend on the team at Elite Search Professionals to provide me excellent placement options.

– John Zebulon

A Few Of Our Contractors’ Specialities:

  • D365 Finance & Operation
  • D365 Customer Engagements
  • Dynamics AX
  • D365 Business Central
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence
  • Power BI & Power Apps
  • D365 Customer Engagements
  • Dynamics 365 for Field Service 
  • Dynamics CRM

We can connect you with the specific talent you need. Look through a wide range of Microsoft Dynamics consultants, vetted by our consulting firm, and find Microsoft business solutions. Our proprietary Accelerated Recruitment™ approach is a unique combination of our streamlined recruitment methodology and the in-depth knowledge of industry experts from around the world. We find the impact players that you need to meet your business’s needs, including Microsoft Dynamics implementation. We stand behind our clients and are committed to ensuring that you build your business with the right employees.

Some of the things our contractors can do for you:

Our Contractors Are Looking Out for Your Best Interests

When you choose to hire a Microsoft Dynamics contractor from Elite Professionals, you are gaining a partner. Whether they work with you on a single project or end up becoming part of your permanent team, our IT experts work for you and help you find Microsoft business solutions. Each contractor is independent, and an expert in their field. 

When our contractors are analyzing a project, we take into account the cost of customizing vs. changing internal processes to better match the software out of the box. Generally speaking, changing an internal process will be more cost effective and allow for your business to run more efficiently, but there are always scenarios where customization is needed. In these instances we will find the gaps and deliver a solution that is right for your needs. Our contractors will always provide their unbiased recommendations based on their past experiences. Whatever you decide as a company is right for you we will deliver it.


Save Time And Money On Your Microsoft Dynamics Projects

We supply you with consultants that get the job done right — the first time. No more hiring consultants who over-promise and under-deliver. Our Microsoft Dynamics developers will work with you to give you what you need with your system, but will also be honest and realistic about what is possible within your time frame and budget. Our goal is always to complete your project effectively and efficiently.

Upgrade Your Existing Microsoft Dynamics System

Thinking about upgrading your current system to Dynamics 365? We can help you understand the challenges you might face as you switch over and help make the transition as smooth as possible. We can work with you to understand the costs, practicalities, and options available when you choose to migrate or upgrade your system. Build your D365 F&O / D365 CE implementation dream team. Gain access to the top professionals in their specified field of finance, manufacturing, supply chain, development, sales, marketing, and more. Know that for your implementation you will have top resources that are experts in the cloud based versions of Microsoft Dynamics.


Implement a New Microsoft Dynamics System

A successful Microsoft Dynamics implementation is challenging — that’s why there’s a whole team of Dynamics experts here at Elite Search Pros here to help you implement successfully. While it’s a difficult process, and some can fail, it’s not impossible. Our Microsoft Dynamics developers know what it takes to be successful in the CRM and ERP world, and we can help you with your new Microsoft Dynamics implementation.

Support Your Existing Microsoft Dynamics System

With Microsoft making the push to get all their clients over to the cloud based D365 platform, it leaves many Microsoft Dynamics end users wondering how they will support older versions including on-premises versions of AX or CRM. Elite Search Professionals have resources that can support your older versions so that you can upgrade when you are ready. Whether it is custom development, bug fixes, custom reporting, performance enhancements, Robotic process automation, we have a solution for your business. 

We also have solutions to bring data in the cloud while still keeping your current version so that when you are ready to fully upgrade the initial framework is there. This will allow you to take advantage of the exciting Microsoft Power Platform while still running older on prem versions.


Set Up Azure Architecture

Microsoft Azure Architecture is the middleware you need to design, establish, and manage applications through Microsoft’s network of data centers. There’s a reason why nearly 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Azure, and we can help you transition to Azure cloud services with Azure setup and Azure support. 

Browse Available Contractors

Let us help you recruit permanent Microsoft Dynamics employees

Along with providing businesses with high-quality contractors, Elite Search Professionals can also find you permanent, top-talent employees, including Microsoft Dynamics developers. 

This is a talent-driven market, which is why you need a recruitment specialist to help you connect with the experts you need to grow your business. When you choose to partner with us, we’ll connect you with a network of Microsoft Dynamics professionals across niche sectors and with industry expertise.  

More so, we know what candidates are looking for, so we can advise you on strategies for recruiting the right people. While Human Resources departments and internal talent acquisition can be great at recruiting active candidates, those candidates only make up about 15% of the available workforce. The other 85% are passive candidates who are fine with their current position, but — if given the opportunity — would be willing to make a change. Our job here at Elite Search Professionals is to help you reach those candidates in this “passive” talent pool, and help them make the advantageous career move of working with you. 

We will create a sales pitch for your company and your position, contact all candidates who match your particular needs, narrow down the candidates, and present you with potential employees to choose from. We have thousands of Microsoft Dynamics professionals in our database and are continually adding to that number with our proprietary recruiting processes. Contact Elite Search Professionals today for Microsoft business solutions to fit your hiring needs.


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